American Life Insurance Company

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to supervise various scopes of activities and services undertaken by ALICO’s operations throughout t
to supervise various scopes of activities and services undertaken by ALICO’s operations throughout t
To supervise various scopes of activities and services undertaken by ALICO?s operations throughout t
Non Regulated
2013-09-15 to 2014-09-14
Foreign Recognised Company
John Mc Callion
Marlene Debel
Peter Martin Carlson
Tyla Reynolds
American Life Insurance Company
MetLife Alico
15 September 2005

Former Properties

Office 0, The Gate Building, Level 7, Sheikh Zayed Road Street , P.O.Box 211012, Dubai
Withdrawn (Ancillary Service Provider)
to 2006-06-18
Ernest Edward Stempel
to 2008-05-20
Robinson Kendall Nottingham
to 2006-12-31
Merton Bernard Aidinoff
to 2009-05-14
David Lawrence Herzog
to 2010-01-11
Win Jay Neuger
to 2007-05-07
Edmund Sze-Wing Tse
to 2009-01-01
Michael Henry Buthe
to 2009-01-01
Donald Perry Kanak
to 2005-06-27
Andreas Vassiliou
to 2009-01-01
Ernest Theodore Patrikis
to 2006-04-10
Raymond Michael Terne
to 2006-11-10
Frank George Wisner
to 2009-03-13
Bruce Emmitt Dozier
to 2007-07-13
George Burrell McClennen
to 2009-01-01
Paul Stuart Rix
to 2010-01-11
Seiki Tokuni
to 2008-11-30
Kevin Peter Taylor
to 2009-01-01
Joyce Ann Phillips
to 2008-10-02
Richard Waldo Scott.
to 2008-09-23
Rodney Owen Martin Jr.
2006-08-16 to 2010-11-01
Gary Dalton Reddick
2009-05-14 to 2010-11-08
Gordon Timmins Watson
2009-01-01 to 2010-01-11
Alain Karaoglan
2010-03-23 to 2010-01-11
P Nicholas Kourides
2010-03-23 to 2010-01-11
Dean Miller
2010-02-17 to 2010-01-11
Willliam John Toppeta
2010-11-01 to 2012-05-31
Steven Jeffrey Goulart
2010-11-01 to 2011-06-13
Tyla Lynn Reynolds
2010-11-01 to 2011-09-30
James Hom
2011-06-13 to 2012-07-03
Edmond Sze Wing Tse
Frank Geroge Wisner
Joyce Ann Philips
Kevin Paul Taylor
Nicholas Donald Latrenta
P. Nicholas Kourides
Richard Scott Waldo
Rodney Owen, Jr. Martin
William John Toppeta
Elizabeth M. Tuck
to 2008-11-07
to 2010-11-03
MetLife Alico MEASA
2010-11-03 to 2012-09-25
American International Group Inc.
to 2010-11-13
00971 4 3600555

Data Protection

American Life Insurance Company
Notification of Personal Data operations: Yes
Permit to transfer Personal Data: No
Permit to Process Sensitive Personal Data: No
Accounting&Auditing, Staff administration, Pensions Administration, Benefits, grants and loans administration, Insurance administration
Staff, including agents, temporary and casual workers, Clients and customers, Suppliers, Complainants, correspondant, enquirers, Relatives and associates of data subjects, Advisors, consultants and other professional experts
Due to the fact Regional Office (i.e. EMEA) Senior Management are currently based within the DIFC Office, MetLife staff Personal Data for the region in question will be processed. Although, the DIFC Office does not habitually administer MetLife Customer Personal Data, on an ad-hoc basis MetLife Customer Personal Data may be processed in accordance with Articles 9 & 10(1). This will be in exceptional circumstances and in relation to, for example, "escalated" adjudication / underwriting issues and / or the handling of "escalated" Complaints and may include Sensitive Peronal Data. The Classes of Data that will be processed will include the following: ? Personal Details (e.g. names, contact details) ? Documentation required under Immigration Laws (e.g. passport data) ? Payroll data (e.g. Working Time records) ? Talent Management information (e.g. CVs) ? Applicant Data (e.g. Previous Employers) ? Compensation (e.g. Base Salary, Bonus) and ? System and Application Access