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DIFC Galleries Night

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DIFC Galleries Night

As part of a series of activities leading up to the 2011 Art Dubai Fair, the DIFC Art Galleries will be hosting a viewing night at their premises in the DIFC Gate Village. Scheduled to run from 6:00pm - 9:00pm on Monday, March 14, each of the galleries will introduce their latest exhibition. With several openings and special receptions taking place, this event is not to be missed! Details of the exhibitions can be found below and for more information, please contact

ARTSPACE - Hani Zurob Flying Lesson


Group exhibition of Middle Eastern Artists

Due to the recent political climate in Egypt, our artists have decided to rework their original concept and focus towards the gallery exhibition. This exhibition will be dedicated to the actions and reactions of this current situation, as well as the general effects of political affairs worldwide.

Ayyam - Samia Halaby Trees and The High Rising City

Ayyam Gallery

"Trees and The High Rising City" by Samia Halaby

Featuring several large collages by Halaby, the exhibition will highlight recent works by the seminal artist.

Samia Halaby is a leading Palestinian painter and scholar. An innovator of abstract painting in the Arab world for decades, Halaby’s work is housed in several museums worldwide. Samia will be in attendance all the way from New York City.

Christie's logo


With our bi-annual  Modern & Contemporary Middle Eastern  Art  and the Important Jewellery auctions coming up and as a supporter of Art Dubai,  Christie’s will be showcasing highlights from our forthcoming art auction  including works from Ayman Baalbaki, Reza Derakshani and Kareem El-Qurity. Christie’s newly located showroom within the DIFC is another indication of the long term dedication we have within the region. For further information, please contact us on 04 425 5647.

Caudro Jaffar Al-oraibi

Cuadro Gallery

"Right Here, Right Now" and "We Are Beginning: Personal Projects in Public Spaces"

The "Right Here, Right Now" exhibition will showcase five artists identified as rising stars of the international contemporary art market focusing on Arab, Iranian and Turkish art.

In "We Are Beginning", American-born, Berlin-based artist Brad Downey will showcase interference street art, a concept never seen before in the region where he will playfully manipulate mundane objects on the street, such as signs, bricks and construction materials, transforming them into meaningful messages.

Terminal - Abdulnasser Gharem

Edge of Arabia Dubai: TERMINAL

Building 9, DIFC Gate Village

Edge of Arabia, a pioneering exhibition that has shed new light on the largely unknown contemporary art and culture of Saudi Arabia. TERMINAL features new and commissioned artwork addressing the concepts of travel, bureaucracy, privacy and identity, creating a pop-up exhibition in an abandoned ground-floor space in the Dubai International Financial Centre.

Opera Gallery

Opera Gallery

"Living Masters"

An exhibition of the living masters, exposing their works for the first time in the Middle East where their striking pieces can be viewed. Presenting different styles from various countries, it showcases how these artists have planted seeds of exceptional creations, and spreading a wonderful source of inspiration to all.

Saddam Hussein Head

The Empty Quarter

"The Spectacle of War"

Featuring for the first time in the region a number of multi-published artists, whose work has been exhibited in noted international institutions such as the Tate Modern, the Vienna Secession, the SFMOMA and Musée de l'Élysée, Switzerland

Projects from:

Benjamin Lowy: Iraq Perspectives
Richard Mosse: Breach & The Fall
Spencer Murphy Architects of War
Phil Nesmith: My Bagdad
TrevorPaglen: Limit-Telephotography & The Other Night Sky
US Department of Defense & the Military Industry

Farjam - Self Portrait Under Water

The Farjam Collection

"Love Is Not Everything" by Farhad Moshiri

This show marks the first worldwide retrospective of Farhad Moshiri’s career to date. Renowned for his hybrid work, which often fuses traditional Iranian art forms with those of Western culture, Moshiri's art is a stirring monument to our times. The Farjam Collection will showcase seminal pieces drawn from throughout the artist's career.

XVA - Halim AlKarim Hidden Love

XVA Gallery

"Hidden Love"

Through Hidden Love, I resist being a part of the reality of violence and deception in politics." Halim Al Karim"

Renowned for his portrayals of war and conflict, Iraqi artist Halim Al Karim perpetuates similar ideals in his newest series Hidden Love. Females’ faces colorfully masked in electromagnetic auras, their mouths taped, represent Iraqi citizens who are psychologically suspended between the tranquility of their innocence and the cathartic shared experience of war.





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