LAP GreenN (Dubai) Limited

Office 206-209, Level 2, Gate Village 8, DIFC, POBox 506517, Dubai
971 4237 5375
Holding company
28 January 2013
Non Regulated
27 January 2015
Company Limited By Shares
Abdullah Boulsien
Wafik Al Shater
Capital Advantage Consultants
LAP GreenN (Dubai) Limited
LAP GreenN (Dubai) Limited
LAP GreenN
USD 50000.00
USD 1.00
USD 50000.00

Data Protection

LAP GreenN (Dubai) Limited
Notification of Personal Data operations: Yes
Permit to transfer Personal Data: No
Permit to Process Sensitive Personal Data: No
Staff administration
Staff, including agents, temporary and casual workers, Relatives and associates of data subjects
Employment details
Not Applicable