Tecno-Invest Limited

Office S 1803, Level 18, Emirates financial Towers, South Tower, DIFC, POBox 506930, Dubai
0020 100 1119695
Holding Company
01 October 2012
Non Regulated
30 September 2015
Company Limited By Shares
Abir Hegazy
Ahmed Mohamed Saleh Masoud Ahmed
Sherif Tharwat Abdalla Mohmed
Tecno-Invest Limited
Tecno-Invest Limited
Khaled Abdalla Mohamed Abdalla
USD 100000000.00
USD 1.00
USD 20000000.00

Former Properties

Khaled Abdalla Mohamed Abdalla

Data Protection

Tecno-Invest Limited
Notification of Personal Data operations: Yes
Permit to transfer Personal Data: No
Permit to Process Sensitive Personal Data: No
Accounting&Auditing, Licensing & registration, Staff administration, Information and data bank administration
Staff, including agents, temporary and casual workers
Personal details, family, employment and financial details.
Not Applicable