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Management Offices


The ideal base for corporate headquarters

DIFC's attractive legal framework and tax offering has attracted a range of management offices, including:

  • Holding Companies
  • Proprietary Investments Offices
  • Single Family Offices
  • Marketing Operations

Operating a management office in DIFC provides access to a variety of professional services, wealth and asset managers, private bankers, legal firms, accounting firms, recruitment firms, consultants, corporate governance experts, international

tax advisers, captive insurers and experts on Islamic finance, as well as access to capital markets and corporate financiers.

A home for family businesses

Single Family Offices (SFOs) benefit from a confidential yet transparent regulatory framework that excludes them from many of the regulatory constraints placed on conventional organisations in the Centre, and is the first in the world to define a family office in legal terms. These regulations, combined with estate and succession planning advisers, corporate governance experts and other available professional services, make DIFC an ideal jurisdiction for family offices.

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