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The Centre has witnessed a healthy demand for business and lifestyle facilities from the professionals working in the district. With several high calibre hotels and residences nearby, there is a growing footfall to be complemented by further openings throughout the year.

A dynamic community of art, culture and cuisine, visitors can choose from three distinct retail zones within the district, including:


  • Gate Village, located adjacent to The Gate, focuses on art galleries and fine dining outlets
  • Marble Walk, located beneath The Gate, focuses on takeaway meals, retail convenience and essential services
  • The Balcony, the terrace surrounding The Gate, focuses on casual dining options


Creating a presence in such a social and business environment, can be challenging even for the most established companies. The DIFC’s streamlined process makes setting up both clear and efficient. Companies are guided through our integrated application, registration and incorporation, leasing, and employee sponsorship processes by a dedicated relationship manager. Companies benefit from this single point of contact for service provision, query handling, issue resolution, expansion assistance, and ensuring the return of maximum value for their presence in the centre.


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