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From global luxury brands to local convenience stores that meet your everyday needs, DIFC offers its large workforce of more than 22,000 professionals, visitors and residents the full range of retail options and services.

The extensive footfall created by this community is enhanced by shoppers coming from nearby hotels, offices and residential buildings. In DIFC, they find everything from tailors, barbershops, fitness centres, salons and spas to telecommunications outlets, auto leasing, laundries and clothing boutiques.

Amidst the famous architecture and landscaping of DIFC, retail and convenience providers can be found across the district, including at the Balcony, Gate Village, Gate Avenue, Marble Walk and the many mixed-use buildings in the Centre.

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Advantages of setting up in DIFC

DIFC is the unrivalled financial hub of the region, offering a straightforward commercial licensing and operating environment flexible enough for all types of retail concepts. Safe and stable, Dubai is a global city and business, trade and tourism centre that’s fully connected to regional and global markets.


Ready market of more than 22,000 professionals and many more visitors


Financial services customer base with considerable spending power


World-class facilities offering exceptional settings and interior design opportunities

Register in Three Steps

Simple and straightforward licensing, registration and regulation, makes setting up and operating in DIFC fast and efficient. 

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Discuss your proposed retail concept with DIFC service advisors


Submit application documents 


Receive approvals for licenses, visas and consent notifications 

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