Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC)

Independent Legislative Framework Based On International Standards And Principles Of Common Law

The DIFC operates within a unique legal and regulatory framework creating an optimal environment for financial services and related industries and services to grow. This framework is entrenched in the UAE’s constitution and the country’s laws, both at Federal and Dubai levels, permitting the DIFC to have its own civil and commercial legal framework, inclusive of financial services regulation and a courts system modeled closely on international standards and principles of common law and tailored to the region's unique needs. For a brief history in this regard, please click here.

The laws and regulations administered by the DFSA relate to the regulation of financial services in the DIFC and can be found by visiting their website, Below you will find access to the legislation administered by the DIFC Authority. The laws and regulations accessible in pdf format under each of the headings below may be consolidated versions and are not the formal laws enacted.

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