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Registrar of Real Properties

The Registrar of Real Properties (RORP) is responsible for approving and registering all types of transactions related to Real Property in accordance with the DIFC Laws and Regulations.

The RORP administers the laws, regulations and procedures designed to ensure the protection of the rights of buyers, sellers and leaseholders of all property in the DIFC. In addition, the RORP administers the DIFC Real Property Law and the DIFC Strata Title Law and deals with all registrations under those Laws and Regulations.

Further information on specific procedures for registration of Rights and Interests relating to Real Property within the DIFC can be found in the Client Handbook.

First Time Access to the DIFC Client Portal

The Registrar of Real Properties related services can only be accessed through the DIFC Client Portal. If you wish to submit a request, please obtain access by visiting

Lease Registration

Lease/Sub- Registration is required for DIFC Properties that are leased for a term exceeding 6 months. However, DIFC registered entities are required to register their commercial or retail leases immediately regardless of the term to ensure the registered address is updated on the system.

The Lease must be registered within 20 days from the date of entering into the lease agreement. Failure to register the Lease within the agreed time frame will result in a penalty of USD 1,000.

Lease registration of properties within the DIFC must be submitted through the DIFC Client Portal. Before filling the form, please note the below conditions:

Commercial units such as offices and retail shops can only be leased by entites registered in the DIFC or are under formation at the time of Lease Registration.

Companies leasing residential units will be asked to provide occupant details.

All documents uploaded on the DIFC Client Portal must be clearly legible. Failure to submit clear scanned copies will result in the request being rejected

For the full list of documents required to be uploaded to the DIFC Client Portal, please refer to page 13 of the Registrar of Real Properties Client Handbook

Lease registration fees are based on the lease term:

  • More than 6 months and less than 5 years: USD 100
  • Equal to or more than 5 years and less than 10 years: USD 200
  • Equal to or more than 10 years: USD 300

Parties to a residential Lease can use the DIFC Residential Lease Agreement template, which is provided for advisory purpose only and can be enhanced by the parties, provided such enhancements do not contravene the Leasing Law and the Leasing Regulations.

Leasing Law No 1 of 2020 Documents

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