14th Hawkamah Annual Conference


The DIFC is proud to be a Silver Sponsor for the 14th Hawakamah Annual Conference.

Demands for business leadership have been made more complex in recent years. The global pandemic tested in real-time many of the corporates’ risk management and mitigation frameworks and made companies rethink transformation strategies. This has required boards around the globe to step up oversight of their companies’ social and environmental risks and digital safeguards and opportunities, while adapting to maintaining the welfare of employees and stakeholders.

As we embark on the next decade, the 2021 Hawkamah Annual Conference will explore emerging trends in governance, the implications of these trends on boards and organizations, and what regional companies, boards and directors need to do not only to respond to current challenges, but to prepare for an increasingly complex set of expectations from their shareholders and stakeholders. Conference sessions will explore how corporate directors have navigated rapid transformation of their companies and invite them to share insights on how it has affected their boardroom priorities.

The session format will be an expert address, a panel discussion, followed by interactive discussion between the panel and the audience of various Hawkamah stakeholders, including regional and global practitioners.


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