Board Dynamics - Hawkamah


The board is the primary decision-making body in all companies. It is important for it to work effectively and in many organisations it does. However, from time to time, the human element within the boardroom causes tension that can affect the board’s ability to work effectively.

Corporate governance regulations and best practice codes provide structures and frameworks within which boards can function they don’t however, tell organisations ‘how’ to operate these structures and frameworks to create and maintain an effective decision-making body i.e. they don’t deal with the human element.

This workshop will provide advice and practical tips on how to identify and deal with some of the behaviours that create tension in the boardroom and affect the board’s decision-making. Interactive group activities will help you experiment with different solutions in a safe learning environment. Share your experiences and learn from the experiences of the other participants and facilitator.

The workshop is an ongoing effort from the institute to introduce such refresher courses on different topics for their ‘Certified Professional Directors’, who to retain their certification need to attend such courses ( at least two courses) and those who are heading to be a professional director. These refresher courses are introduced is to ensure that the certified directors stay on top of global and regional corporate governance developments.


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