The Clubhouse at Gate Avenue


The Clubhouse at Gate Avenue is the new cool place to be!

Head to Gate Avenue to enjoy a plethora of activities for the entire family.

The Clubhouse is located in Zone D featuring:

  • Mix It Up! - For the smarty-pants in the family, this section of the Clubhouse will get your kids’ brain cells working and entertained through science-inspired workshops.
  • Get Artsy!- Let your creative energies loose in this Arts & Crafts corner. All ages are welcome to let your imaginations run wild and get messy with your real and inner child!
  • Bake n’ Roll!- Hats off to the chef! The food-inspired part of the Clubhouse will get your kids to learn about healthy eating while having fun creating their own concoctions through arts & crafts.

The workshops will be held from 1-7pm on weekdays and 11-5pm on weekends.


Get in the Game!- Got 15 minutes? Grab a spot and compete with your friends at the multi-player activity pods including Foosball, Table Tennis, Ping Pong, Tic Tac Toe, Air hockey and more. Located in The South Food Market in Zone D of Gate Avenue.


The apples don’t fall from the tree… or do they…? Win a free meal for your family by tracking down the 10 golden apples hidden throughout Gate Avenue! Be a part of the Golden Apple Hunt every Saturday...check out the DIFC Instagram page for more info.


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