DIFC Academy and Hawkamah Webinar


The DIFC Academy and Hawkamah would like to invite everyone to a webinar on April 28, 2020 entitled "Importance of Governance during the unprecedented times of COVID-19". The interruption to organizations from the global Covid-19 pandemic has been significant and right across all geographies, industries and businesses.

Governments have launched un-paralleled business bailout and economic responses while the situation continues to evolve day by day.

During uncertain times, boards must continue to govern and carry out their duties. The way in which boards do their work at this time will be a critical factor in an organization’s ability to emerge from the current crisis and push forward into a new era of economic recovery and opportunity for the benefit of all stakeholders.

This webinar will provide considerations for boards during such trying times, emphasizing on the need for organizations to become more adaptive, and on the importance of building resilience.




Ayesha Sultan

Keynote Presenter


Dr. Robert C. Bush Jr



Dr. Ashraf Gamal El Din


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