DIFC Academy and KHARON Expert Briefing


As the conflicts there endure, networks of public and private sector actors in Syria, Libya, and Yemen have been the target of sanctions by the international community. The confluence of sanctioned actors, political interests, and proxies creates exceptionally complicated environments in which to do business. These risks have also spilled over into other regions as the facilitation and support networks of these targeted groups traverse the world.

In this briefing, Kharon experts will provide an overview of the relevant guidance and international best practices, recent developments and enforcement actions, and real-life case studies that demonstrate the most up-to-date risk typologies relevant to identifying and managing risk in connection with these three states.

  • Bryan Stirewalt  - CEO, Dubai Financial Services Authority
  • Mark Nakhla - Executive Vice President, Kharon
  • William G. Rich - Managing Director, Kharon MEA



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