DIFC Academy Webinar: Blockchain from Legal and Regulatory Prospective


In partnership with Cykube and University College London, Centre for Blockchain Technologies (UCL.CBT), DIFC Academy is proud to present a webinar on Blockchain from a legal and regulatory perspective. Learn the legal matters of blockchain by the experts in the field.

The potential of blockchain technology can not be argued. This latest blockchain adoption trend is generating new business opportunities. The architecture, development, and research of Blockchain design is being funded by major market players.

There still remains a big gap between blockchain research and implementation, and this is due to the regulatory and legalization issues for this technology. Cykube understands the need for research required to fill this gap and that is why we wanted to contribute to this research.

The focus of this webinar would be on legal & regulatory issues and governance of crypto and blockchain technology. The webinar would be of great interest for senior executives, decision-makers, and lawmakers on both public and private sector organizations looking to adopt blockchain technology as a core functionality within their infrastructure.


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