DIFC Academy Webinar: Sustainable Finance and ESG Indices


DIFC Academy in partnership with Hawkamah and GoImpact would like to invite everyone to join a webinar on July 22, 2020 entitled, “Sustainable Finance and ESG Indices – A Middle Eastern and Asian Perspective”.

The pandemic has reinforced the growing need to support sustainable and responsible business practices. Sustainable finance seeks to reinforce greater environmental responsibility, social consciousness, and good corporate governance practices—otherwise known as ESG—amongst corporates by developing financial instruments that companies who are advancing ESG can tap into. In the region, good ESG practices are still in their nascent stages, but recent initiatives by governments and industry are putting into focus the strategic imperative of sustainable finance for the region’s economic development.

This webinar will further define sustainable finance within the context of the region and Asia, identify the role that ESG indices play in setting standards of transparency and disclosure on ESG matters to benefit retail and institutional investors, and explore the challenges, opportunities and similarities that both the Middle East and Asia markets face in advancing sustainable finance.




Alya Al Zarouni- Executive Vice President- Operations, DIFC Authority



  • Dr. Ashraf Gamal ElDin- Chief Executive Officer, Hawkamah
  • Helene Li- CEO and Co-Founder, GoImpact
  • Clarence T’ao- Partner, GoImpact

Dr. Ashraf Gamal ElDin

Chief Executive Officer, Hawkamah


Helen Li

CEO and Co-Founder, GoImpact


Clarence T’ao

Partner, GoImpact

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