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Start your year by following your inspiration. Come and join us for Yoga Under The Gate,  a 75-minute signature Vinyasa class with Neha Duseja followed by delicious deals at Acai Spot & London Dairy Cafe.

After the great success of last month’s event, in which hundreds of yoga enthusiasts took part, Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), the destination where business meets leisure, has announced the return of “Yoga Under the Gate” curated by INSPIRE studio on January 23, 4PM to be held under The Gate Building. Revisit the sound-off yoga experience where each participant will be given a set of wireless, noise-cancelling headphones to tune into what the instructor is saying and tune out of any interruptions.

“Follow your inspiration” yoga event will bring you back to centre, reminding you that you have the power, with every breath, to connect to your heart’s truth – and, that you have so much courage inside of you. The sequence of the practice is rooted in a steady breath allowing yourself to sink into a more vulnerable and open place within you. 

The initiative aims to spread the message of hope, shed light during this time, and to remind us that life is now and happiness is right here.

Participants are invited to close their eyes throughout the entire session. Once deprived of the sense of sight and outside noises, their other senses heighten naturally, forcing them to look within. This will aid in the discovery of one’s ability to cope with the unexpected. The practice also promotes improved physical strength, balance, and clarity of mind.

Kindly carry your Emirates ID, yoga mat, a towel, and a filled water bottle. Please do arrive 30 minutes early to check-in. 

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