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Overview of the laws and regulations administered by the DIFC Authority

Laws and regulations administered by the DIFC Authority

The unique structure of DIFC gives it a robust regulatory and legal framework that provides the Centre’s clients with a safe and secure platform to conduct their business confidently. All business registered at DIFC are subject to the laws of the Centre that have been enacted to administer day-to-day operations of the firms and individuals in the DIFC.  Based on international best practices of major financial

jurisdictions, laws of the Centre provide assurance and confidence to the rights and obligations of the firms operating in or from DIFC. The section provides an overview of the laws and regulations administered by the DIFC Authority including Federal laws, Dubai laws, DIFC laws, Enactment notices, DIFC regulations and directives from the Registrar of Real Properties.



DIFC has a transparent operating environment in accordance with globally-recognised best regulatory and legal practices

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Data Protection

Data Protection embodies international best practice standards in line with EU directives and OECD guidelines

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Government Services

DIFC provides a one-stop source for various government services that may be required

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