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Unit Retail 4L2-06  , Floor-POD, Gate Precinct Building 4, Dubai International Financial Centre, Dubai, 34019, United Arab Emirates

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DESCO’s philosophy is simple. DESCO believe that outstanding quality, extraordinary service standards and state of the art resources as key to customer satisfaction and loyalty. We believe that customer feedback and acknowledgments are critical benchmarks for our efficiency and tools for improvement. DESCO has learnt that no matter how well we do and how much we take care of our customers – there is always scope for improvement.
Founded in 1987 in Abu Dhabi, DESCO has now expanded to 40 print centres, manned by 200 proficient staff in the UAE and Canada, and are on course to double our reach in the next few years so that DESCO can make it even easier for you to find a “Desco Print Centre” near you. With our glorious track record in the print business and unmatched service standards we have been trusted by the most iconic projects in UAE of our times, including Dubai Metro, Burj Khalifa, Palm Jumeirah and hundreds of other leading projects and retail customers in the UAE and beyond.
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