2017 Evacuation Drill Schedule

In line with our commitment to the health and safety of our community, DIFC will be conducting a series of fire drills for the year 2017.

The objectives of the drills are to:

  • Identify any weaknesses in the current evacuation strategy.
  • Familiarise new occupants with the evacuation procedure.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of occupants’ abilities to evacuate the building.
  • Evaluate occupants’ ability to recognise the fire alarm and determine whether they take appropriate action upon hearing/seeing the fire alarm.
  • Ensure occupants report at the designated Assembly Point.

Fire alarms for the respective buildings in Gate Village and Precinct Buildings will be activated any time between 8:00am to 4:00pm according to the schedule below.

Please note that all individuals based in the DIFC are required to participate in the fire evacuation drills, where they will be guided by their respective Emergency Coordinators.

All fire wardens must perform their role and ensure all staff have safely evacuated the premises and gathered in the assembly point. In addition, all Fire Wardens must take note of any physically challenged or pregnant individuals amongst their staff and share the list with the below fire drill coordinators. Any physically challenged or pregnant individuals are requested to sit in the reception area located on the same level as their office.

All occupants are requested to familiarise themselves with evacuation routes, fire assembly points and their respective Emergency Coordinators prior to the drill. Building occupants should evacuate the building only by using the stairs, as the use of elevators is not permitted during the drilland proceed to the fire assembly points.

headcount must be taken by the Emergency Coordinators at the assembly point.  Participants are requested to refrain from smoking during this time.

All Emergency Coordinators are encouraged to provide their feedback about the drill to the fire drill coordinators.

Fire Drill Coordinators Contacts:

Kristoffer Mangaban (HSEQ Specialist)
E-mail: k[email protected]
Mobile: +971 56 689 1715

Aparajithan Vetriselvan (HSE Executive)
E-mail: a[email protected]
Telephone: +971 4 367 1125
Mobile: +971 50 229 9087

2017 Evacuation Drill Schedule

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