An art exchange - Opera Gallery Dubai joins forces with Nasdaq Dubai for its artist showcase project

Russian Calligraffitist, Pokras Lampas is the Debut Featured Artist Showcasing at Nasdaq Dubai and on the Nasdaq Tower in NYC’s Times Square

Dubai, UAE - March 2019: When two notably different entities such as Opera Gallery Dubai and Nasdaq Dubai come together through an art showcase collaboration, we soon find that art, like many cultural connectors build links to their respective communities locally and internationally.

Aligned with Nasdaq’s Artist in Residence programme showcasing unique perspectives on New York City, Nasdaq Dubai recently launched its own artist programme. Established and emerging talent around the region have the opportunity to display their work in Nasdaq Dubai's premises in Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC).

The creations are also shown on the Nasdaq Tower in NYC, in the epicenter of the world, Times Square, as part of an initiative to engage and support the regional creative community with global awareness.

Discovered and exclusively represented by Opera Gallery Dubai, Russian Calligraffiti artist, Pokras Lampas is the first featured creator in the year long partnership between the two entities. Pokras’ artwork from his new collection is on display in Nasdaq Dubai's premises from 13 March – 13 June.

Being the local outpost of the international gallery brand, Opera Gallery Dubai, also located in DIFC, continues to support talent in the region and beyond by adding them to the gallery’s roster of represented artists, making it an ideal partner to collaborate with Nasdaq Dubai's art programme.

Pokras Lampas will be the first of four artists from Opera Gallery Dubai featured over a 12 month period at Nasdaq Dubai. Additional creations from Pokras Lampas’ new collection will be on display at Opera Gallery Dubai from 17 April to 30 April 2019.

‘As a contemporary art gallery engaged with established and emerging artists from across the globe, we are honoured to collaborate with Nasdaq Dubai. Showcasing select pieces and artists that have the ability to unite people across the world through an appreciation for creative talent is what we strive to do as a gallery. Prior to working with Opera Gallery, I worked in private banking, where I used to connect with clients over something we both shared an appreciation for – art, so this collaboration between the gallery and the finance world is a natural fit but also a bit nostalgic for me.’ said Sylvain Gaillard, Director, Opera Gallery Dubai.

‘Our first featured artist, Pokras Lampas is near and dear to me, not only because Opera Gallery Dubai discovered him, but because of his immense talent and ability to combine multiple scripts to create his own style. His work resonates with the region from the Arabic script inspiration and is also universally well received given its visual dynamics and it is on-trend with popular art culture, so it made sense to start with him,’ continued Gaillard.

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