Art Nights 2015 to sizzle in the bustling district of Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC)

Dubai - 16 March 2015: The prominent Dubai destination DIFC is yet again prepared to host artists and talents from various genres for the dedicate art enthusiasts in the city. A host of exhibitions, talks, live performances and more will take place at DIFC's Gate Village on March 16, from 7pm-10pm, and will be open to visitor's free of charge.

Art Nights is a very prestigious event and a part of DIFCs cultural calendar. Art nights at the Gate Village is the most sort after destination for visitors and brilliant artists across the globe.

Audiences will be able to enjoy a number of music shows, including performances from local DJs and musicians, as well as exhibitions, live art instalments and activities such as a pop up studio at jamjar allowing art enthusiast a thirty minute to hour-long painting packages suitable for everyone.

In addition to this, visitors can grove to music by Break DJ Lobito, a leading supporter of vinyl culture, turntablism, breakdance and street art in the Middle East.

Exhibitions include The Journey of the Black Leather Biker Jacket presented by The Kooples, in addition to several live art presented by Dubai Culture. Visitors can also enjoy the free-to-play tables in the Ping Pong Dubai areas and discover how table tennis.

The talented chefs from The Ritz-Carlton, DIFC will showcase their creative flair at Art Nights with a range of canapés and beverages, available via their acclaimed catering service Artful Dining.

16 MARCH 2015
7-10 PM


Ajyad Gallery
Whispers of Colours by Abdul Rahim Salem
Whispers of Colours by Emirati artist Abdul Rahim Salem, features his latest artworks using black And white with a spurt of colour. Salem is one of the pioneers in contemporary art in the UAE and the Gulf, he likes to paint everything in a triangular fashion as it also shows both sides of magic and personality.

Art Sawa
The Prank by Wael Darwesh
The Prank by Wael Darwesh is the exploration that each individual - not society or religion - is Solely responsible for giving meaning to life and living it passionately and sincerely. Wael Darwesh is an Egyptian painter who participated in international art events such as The 55th Venice Biennale, Maldives Pavilion, Venice, Italy in 2013.

HAND IN HAND by Ben Eire
Street artist Ben Eine will be displaying a new series of works at the gallery as well as creating a mural in Arabic and English on British Embassy's wall in Abu Dhabi and Dubai Design District (d3) in Dubai.

Ayyam Gallery
Femafia by Afshin Pirhashemi
Afshin Pirhashemi will return to Ayyam Gallery Dubai (DIFC). The sporadic occurrences of colour, In his otherwise black and white iconic portrayals of women, progressively gain territory on his canvases. This increasing thirst for pigments originates from the artist's feelings and emotions, which he judges impossible to convey with a greyscale at the present time.

Cuadro Gallery
Turãb by Mohammed Ibrahim
Cuadro Gallery presents the latest works by the preeminent Emirati artist, Mohammed Ibrahim. Entitled Turãb (meaning soil or earth in Arabic) features a selection of drawings and paintings that utilize codified lines to mark time and memory through meditative repetition. Also on view are Mohammed's enigmatic and iconic life-size clay creatures.

Cube Arts
TABASHEER 1 by various artists
The Saudi Center for Fine Art in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Jeddah, and the Saudi Embassy in the UAE, present TABASHEER 1 at Cube Arts Creative Center. The exhibition is dominated by abstract impressionism as is expressed by the influential schools of Art in Saudi Arabia.

Opera Gallery
Solo Exhibition by Antonio Segui
Opera Gallery will be hosting the first solo show in the Middle East for Argentinian artist Antonio Segui. Alongside some of his previous works, the gallery will display pieces made specifically for Dubai, where Segui's legendary character Senior Gustavo dons local attire.

The Empty Quarter Gallery
7 Princesses by Steve McCurry
The Empty Quarter is honoured to present its latest photography exhibition, celebrating the lives and achievements of modern Emirati women. Each photograph is a reflection of the crucial roles of the contemporary, vibrant and dynamic Emirati woman.

The Farjam Foundation
ZERO: Infinite Possibilities by various artists
ZERO: Infinite Possibilities - a selection of artworks by renowned contemporary artists from The Farjam Collection, through which perceptions of reality and infinite possibility are investigated. The exhibition depicts how a variety of different fields can be traced back to the common root of 'Zero' and how they can be inter threaded through art to further broaden the boundaries of creativity.

Young Collector Exhibition
LUMAS launches its 'Young Collector' exhibition with prices starting at 2500 AED. This is the chance to discover international artists whose exciting works are currently taking the art world by storm. These remarkable pieces selected by leading curators, are limited to 500 editions globally, guaranteeing exclusivity and balance with accessibility.

RIRA Gallery
White-Blue Dreams by Iraj Shafei
This exhibition is a collection of Shafei's last thirty masterful years, revealing three decades of the artist's beautiful creations. The great Iranian renowned master artist Iraj Shafei in his series depicts unification of identity and beauty by painting a complete reawakening interconnected masterpieces sending out one message to his viewers through thirty dynamic years.


Sojourns by Alex De Fluvia
Aliel, a fine jewellery brand which reflects the beauty of the natural world through its unparalleled creations, In collaboration with CUADRO Gallery, we welcome paintings by Alex De Fluvia's "Sojourns" series, who's Arabesque visions integrates Northern Iberian, Arabic and Aramaic characters. A unique showcase that brings Art and Jewellery together.

Art After Dark @ No.5 Lounge & Bar
Guests of Art Nights can cross over the direct walkway to the terrace of No.5 Lounge & Bar at The Ritz-Carlton, DIFC, for the official after-party Art After Dark, with music from Resident DJ, Break DJ Lobito.

Art Dubai
Over the last eight years, Art Dubai, the leading international art fair in the Middle East and South Asia, has become a cornerstone of the region's fast-growing contemporary arts community and home to a select yet diverse line-up of globally sourced galleries. Pass by the Art Dubai booth to learn more about the 2015 fair, taking place from 18-21 March.

Works by Soile Yli Mary
BOCA, offers its guests more than just a taste of the Mediterranean's rich culinary heritage, with one of it's walls serving as an art gallery for artists found in Fann-A-Porter Art Gallery. This month, BOCA features the work of one of Finland's most renowned artists Soile Yli Mary, whose main theme is humanity and people's alienation from nature in the urban world.

Under the Bridge
Bikes and Zines: Quaintly displayed on vintage bicycles, Brownbook celebrates the art of self publishing in an exhibition of unique publications & a magazine swap to engage the community. Expect good reads, food, and music all night.

The Kooples
The Journey of the Black Leather Biker Jacket

Premium French ready-to-wear brand, The Kooples is hosting their first photography exhibition in Dubai following the success of the pop-up showcase in Paris. Housed in a black box, the presentation marks the first of The Kooples' art initiatives in the region and features an exclusive series of 10 images following through the journey of the iconic wardrobe staple, the black leather jacket, around the world as told through stories of couples from different backgrounds.

Ping Pong Dubai
Table Tennis
Ping Pong Dubai returns to Art Night at DIFC for a fourth consecutive season. Visit the free-to-play tables in the Ping Pong Dubai areas and discover how table tennis can be a fun and easy way to keep active. Follow Ping Pong Dubai on Facebook and Instagram (#PingPongDubai) for more information on the community initiative.

The Book Shop
Grab a cup of Joe at the bookshop where you'll find new and used publications about the Middle East and North Africa. The bookshop will have on display traditional Arabian paintings of mixed media. Choose and cut off your favorite piece of a 5 meter canvas roll covered in beautiful art.

The Magazine Shop
On the subjects of art, design, travel, fashion, architecture, music, and film - Get lost in the distinctive and independent magazine collection available at the magazine shop featuring an assembly of unique recycled art pieces and installations on display.

The Rug Company
Cora, Romy and Calypso by Suzanne Sharp
Gathering inspiration from the historic landmarks and antique decoration of Rome, she reduces complex patterns into minimal, classic motifs creating striking purist compositions, designed to stand the test of time. Suzanne says, "The new collection combines a nostalgic nod to antiquity with a modern, sensual sensibility. The rugs make a confident statement in a room and have a design soul that will last."

The Ritz-Carlton, DIFC
The talented chefs from The Ritz-Carlton, DIFC will showcase their creative flair at Art Nights with a range of canapés and beverages, available via their acclaimed catering service Artful Dining, ideal for intimate gatherings and large scale celebrations, in private venues including galleries, villas and boats.


Capital Club Dubai
Geertje Foth
During the Art Dubai Week, Capital Club will have a rare open house for the DIFC community on Monday, 16th March from 6:30pm - Geertje Foth, internationally recognised Painting Conservator, will talk about the pre-purchase-examination of artwork. RSVP a must and a cover charge applies: [email protected]

RIRA Gallery
Artist talk with Iraj Shafei
7:00 pm
RIRA Gallery presents a conversation with legendary renowned master artist Iraj Shafei. The talk coincides with the opening of the artist's exhibition White-Blue Dreams, featuring a selection of Shafei's works from last three decades.

RIRA Gallery
Artist talk with Iraj Shafei 7:00 pm
RIRA Gallery presents a conversation with legendary renowned master artist Iraj Shafei. The talk coincides with the opening of the artist's exhibition White-Blue Dreams, featuring a selection of Shafei's works from last three decades.

The Jamjar
Pop-Up Studio
This fresh approach allows you all the facilities of thejamjar's DIY studio in DIFC Gate Village. Thirty minutes to hour-long painting packages are on offer and are suitable for everyone. Easels, artist grade canvases and an unlimited supply of paints and brushes are available to visitors.


Abdulla Lutfi
Abdullah is an emerging Emirati artist and is represented by Mawaheb from Beautiful People. His vision is piercing and accurate, a quality that characterises his art. His bold line drawings are spontaneous and amusing and infused with a great sense of humor.

Dubai Art Season
The Dubai Culture & Arts Authority

Dubai Art Season, the city's umbrella arts initiative that shines the spotlight on the city's cultural and artistic landscape will officially start its second season on March 14 to April 30, 2015. It will begin with Art Week headlined by SIKKA Art Fair, Design Days Dubai, Art Dubai, and the Global Art Forum. It engages the community with imaginative artistry throughout public spaces, outdoor art projects, exhibitions, panel discussions, and performances. Additionally, Dubai Culture is leading city-wide activities including public art installations and live performances, street art, interactive workshops and seminars that are open to the public.

Kathryn Wilson
Dubai-based British Artist Kathryn Wilson showcases her signature style in an active and live floor painting this March. Inspired by the flow of contemporary and traditional life in the Emirates, Kathryn's lyrical forms will tumble across the surface of a large canvas, colliding with arabesque patterns.

Illy Chandelier
More than twenty years ago a group of artists expressed their creativity on the surface of the coffee cup designed for illy by Matteo Thun. This is how the first illy Art Collection was born: since then it has changed for good a daily life object such as the cup in a white canvas, where more than 70 celebrated and appreciated artists of international reputation have tested themselves.

Slow Down by Zeinab Alhashemi
In this installation, Alhashemi, is inspired by the urban movement in the city. She considers the continuous scene of construction sites and signage as amusing as the sky-scrappers. She gives credit to all the hard working people that provides this cities skyline. Through this search, Al Hashemi finds her medium, and brings the exterior in, shedding light on what usually would be overlooked.

The PixelSpray by VJ Edmosh and Just One
Curated by The Domino
The PixelSpray project is a seamless integration between video projection and street art painting. The project features VJ Edmosh(VJZARIA) and the street artist Just One collaborating on a live performance using video mapping projection techniques and aerosol art. All movements of the artist Just One will be closely accompanied by VJ Edmosh with video projection and vice versa, creating a perfect integration between digital art and painting.

3D Art Installations by Brand Dubai
Brand Dubai, associated with Government of Dubai Media Office presents a selection of three dimensional art installations inspired by the city of Dubai. These installations were originally shown at Dubai Canvas, a 3D art festival featuring the work of international artists, who were commissioned to transform two-dimensional images into three-dimensional optical illusions using only chalk.


Break DJ Lobito

Founder of Street Nights and Deep Crates Cartel and nominated for best DJ in Dubai 2013/2014, Break DJ Lobito is a leading supporter of vinyl culture, turntablism, breakdance and street art in the Middle East. Rated in the top 5 DJs of his style worldwide, Lobito's speciality is rare records spanning funk, latin, soul, hip hop, brazilian, afrobeat, reggae, block party beats and original b-boy breaks.

7.30pm, 8.30 pm

Formed by college buddies, singer/song writer Mustapha Glang and beatboxer/producer Hira beat, MURAL is a unique music duo that blends acoustic and electronic elements to form their music.

Guests are invited to complementary canapés and drinks provided by The Ritz-Carlton, DIFC and experience the exclusive design furniture provided by Contempo Events Design.

Art Nights 2015 - Arabic


Art Nights 2015 - English


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