DIFC to Showcase Internationally Acclaimed Romantic Realist Artist - Pino

First time exhibit of major artworks to aid Safe and Sound Breast Cancer Awareness programme

Pino, one of the most prominent worldwide artists in contemporary realism, will be exhibiting his work in Dubai in November 2007.  Under the aegis of the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), the exhibition titled ‘PINO’ is due to take place in Dubai from 25 – 29 November 2007 at the DIFC Atrium. 

In an effort to elevate Dubai’s significance in the international art domain, DIFC will be hosting this four-day exhibition. DIFC has hosted many art exhibitions in the past and was behind the inaugural Dubai Art formerly known as DIFC Gulf Art Fair that took place early this year.

His Excellency Dr. Omar bin Sulaiman, Governor of the DIFC, said: “Parallel to our mission of fostering the growth of the global financial services industry the DIFC is supporting the development of an equally rich and vibrant cultural life here in the emirate. Our strategy is quite simply to make Dubai a world-class centre for the arts – and art commerce. Hosting globally recognised artists such as Pino at the DIFC is very much in line with this vision.”

Marwan J. Bin Beyat, Director, Art and Culture, DIFC, said: “We are eager to welcome Pino, one of the world’s most acclaimed contemporary artists, to Dubai and the DIFC. By hosting exhibitions of the work of artists from both the Middle East and much further afield, we help build new bridges of understanding and appreciation between East and West. Just as the DIFC serves as a gateway for the global financial services sector, so too does our cultural commitment position Dubai as a new hub for the exhibition and trade of contemporary art from across the world.”

He continued: “By supporting landmark exhibitions of Middle Eastern and international artists and major art fairs here in the emirate, as well as through its own fine art collection, the DIFC is making a significant contribution to the cultural life of the region. We are especially pleased to host this landmark exhibition in support of an extremely worthy cause: The Safe and Sound Breast Cancer Awareness programme.”

Born in Italy and now residing in New York, Pino has been painting throughout his life and has amassed international acclaim for his exquisite pieces. After a recent excursion to Egypt, Pino was impressed by the rich Arabian culture and swayed by his encounters with those he met. His brush with the local residents resonated within him and he was inspired to use them as characters for his paintings. Keen on furthering his relationship with the Middle East, Pino is eager to display his works of art in Dubai.

Pino commented, “I have met with many people who have worked in as well as visited Dubai and they have all urged me to display my work in this wonderful city. I’ve also heard how the government is working to impart a greater emphasis to art and I believe that Dubai, with the efforts of the government, will soon attain a valuable status as a regional art and cultural hub.”

Some of Pino’s subjects are primarily women and he is renowned for portraying the essence of their beauty and mystery and hence this exhibition has been linked to the Safe and Sound campaign for breast cancer diagnosis.  For this exhibition in Dubai, Pino will be painting 20 originals specifically for the event and ten percent of all his sales will be donated to The Safe and Sound Breast Cancer Awareness programme supported by Burjuman. In its 10th year, the campaign is the largest, most comprehensive awareness initiative in the entire region.

Pino further added, “I’m moreover keen to work on an exhibition that will help benefit the community and contribute to society by raising awareness of this deadly disease.” 

Ministry of Health statistics state that there were 140 breast cancer cases in the UAE between 1998 and 2002 alone, making it the single most commonly occuring cancer among the UAE population.  It was also the most commonly occuring cancer among UAE females, accounting for 22.8 per cent of the total number of diagnosed cancer cases. At present there are no survival statistics in UAE but the prognosis here is the same as worldwide, as similar treatments are used. The prognosis is directly related to the phase of the disease. Most  patients who are diagnosed in the early phase of breast cancer will survive, and approximately 50 per cent of patients diagnosed late but with it still localised will survive. Regionally, women tend to be diagnosed in the later stages of the disease, the emphasis needs to be on regular self-examinations and mammograms every two years after the age of 40 to ensure early detection.

The purpose behind this art exhibition is to raise funds to support awareness and patient care. This event is a must-visit for true art aficionados whilst simultaneously contributing to a worthy cause.

Exhibition details - PINO will run from 25 – 29 November 2007 at the DIFC Atrium. 29 November 2007 has been reserved for women only.

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