DIFC/DRX welcomes Emirates Bond announcement

The Dubai International Financial Centre's position as a universally recognized hub for international finance and as the regional gateway for capital and investment to the Middle East, has been reaffirmed by Emirates Airlines' announcement that it intends to list its recently announced bond issue on the DIFC's Dubai Regional Exchange (DRX).

The first international exchange to be launched in the 21st century, the DRX has been created to provide investors and issuers with a larger and more liquid securities market than exists in any of the region's national exchanges. Based on state-of-the-art technology, this fully electronic marketplace will be capable of listing and trading a wide range of bonds, equities and funds.

"We are delighted that Emirates Airlines intends to list its recently announced bond issue on the exchange being created at the Dubai International Financial Centre." Says Naser Nabulsi, CEO of DIFC. "Listing such a bond on DRX will serve the purpose of developing Emirates' investor base internationally."

"Through its decision to list on our exchange, Emirates is showing great support for DRX and we welcome its business." He continues. "This is precisely the sort of issue for which the exchange is being created and we look forward to listing this and future Emirates bonds once DRX is up and running."

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