DIFX comments on DFSA management change

The Chairman of the Dubai International Financial Exchange (DIFX), Lynton Jones, commenting on the changes at the DFSA announced by the DIFC Authority yesterday said:

As a core part of the ambitious DIFC vision to create a global financial centre in the region, the DIFX, like all other parts of the DIFC, is heavily dependent upon the creation and operation of an independent regulatory body which operates to international standards. This regulatory body is essential to the successful activities of the exchange and the broader financial community within the DIFC.

I am therefore very pleased to welcome the appointment of Dr. Habib Al Mulla as Chairman of the Regulatory Council and David King as the Chief Executive Officer of DFSA. I also welcome unreservedly the reaffirmation of the commitment of all members of the Regulatory Council, whose wise leadership has already helped to establish a high reputation for the DFSA, DIFC and Dubai.

The future success of the DIFX is intimately bound up with the success of the DFSA, and we shall continue to work closely with David King and his staff, as we have in the past. On behalf of the entire Board of Directors of the DIFX, I wish to give David and Dr. Al Mulla our sincere congratulations.

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