Dubai’s Youth Encouraged by DIFC Authority CEO to Grab World of Opportunity, Aim for the Sky but Never Forget their Roots

Dubai-UAE: 23 October, 2016 – Grade 11 and 12 male students of Dubai’s Al Mawakeb Schools and International School of Arts & Sciences (ISAS) (Boys) were encouraged to grab the plethora of opportunities opening up for them and journey confidently forward in their pursuit of success without worrying about failure.

Speaking to the students at a youth and careers workshop organized by Academia Management Solutions International (AMSI), ‘AMSI Voices’, Arif Amiri, CEO of Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) Authority, the Middle East, Africa and South Asia region’s leading financial hub with over 1500 firms and home to more than 21,000 professionals, urged them to aim for the sky in achieving their goals, while never forgetting their roots that are an indelible part of who they are.

Engaging the students with his inspirational speech that focused on three key messages, the CEO of DIFC Authority, who is an alumnus of the school, recalled his own student days where information technology and present-day gadgets and mediums were unheard of. He traced the evolution of the information age and its impact on the education system and the world at large.

Arif Amiri said: “You are privileged to be part of the new generation that has benefited from smart devices in the classrooms. This is in line with the UAE's plan to build a world-class education system, where all schools, universities and students are equipped with smart systems and devices, and use them to teach, research and complete projects.”

He encouraged the students to leverage their familiarity with technology to embrace it whole-heartedly and capitalise on the opportunities it brings.

As part of his second message, Arif Amiri called on the students to never be afraid of failure, but to keep trying again until they actually succeeded in their endeavours. He noted that asking questions and being ready to go off the beaten path were the hallmarks of success in today’s competitive environment. Urging the students to be ‘solution people’ that the world loves, the CEO told them that innovation was certainly not a Western concept. The UAE, he said, was one of the most innovative nations in the world, and the young generation of UAE nationals was fortunate to have predecessors that have achieved their goals on their own terms.

In his third and final message, Arif Amiri asked the students to aim for the sky in their pursuit of success, while always remaining true to their roots that are an indelible part of their identity. Pointing out that the UAE’s progress and prosperity was no accident, but rather the result of the far-sighted vision of its forefathers, he told the students to always follow an inclusive rather than a divisive approach. He said the UAE’s women were an important component of today’s national workforce and needed to be recognised as equal partners in the nation’s progress.

Alissar Nasr, the Chief Academic Officer of Academia Management Solutions International said: “As the demand for skilled professionals increases throughout the country, we have seen that youth in Dubai need mentorship from seasoned executives providing insight and encouragement in an authentic, relatable and sustainable way. Our members and our speakers are ready to identify and help address obstacles to the young attendees’ career and personal development, while candidly sharing insight into their profession as students and emerging professionals in the UAE.  Together, AMSI Voices is a group linked by shared experiences and committed to a positive, outcome – driven future by dedicating time, resources and solutions to solving youth issues in Dubai.” 

DIFC Authority CEO Speech to Al Mawakheb School - Arabic


DIFC Authority CEO Speech to Al Mawakheb School - English


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