HH Sheikh Majed Inaugurates Cuadro Museum and Fine Art Gallery at DIFC

HH Sheikh Majed Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Chairman of the Dubai Culture and Arts Authority, opened the Cuadro Museum and Fine Art Gallery at a grand inaugural ceremony held at the Dubai International Financial Centre. HE Dr Omar Bin Sulaiman, Governor of the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) and Managing Director of the Dubai Culture and Arts Authority was present at the event.

A stunning 13,000-square feet space located in the heart of the Gate Village in the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), Cuadro promises to further increase the already high appetite for international contemporary art in Dubai. Award-winning architects and designers worked on the construction of the gallery over the past two years, creating a remarkable showplace spanning two floors and seven distinct gallery units.

HE Dr. Omar Bin Sulaiman said: "Art galleries play a very important function in nurturing art. They serve as focal points for artists to connect with the larger community. The opening of the Cuadro Museum and Fine Art Gallery will provide an impetus for spreading greater awareness and appreciation of international contemporary art in Dubai. Through DIFC's Art and Culture Department, we are keen to support and encourage galleries that foster the appreciation of art from across the globe. Initiatives like Cuadro will also support Dubai's larger effort to develop into a hub for global art and culture."

The gallery is the brainchild of Bahraini art connoisseur, Bashar Al Shroogi, who moved from Barcelona to Dubai to establish Cuadro. His vision for Cuadro goes beyond that of a simple exhibition space and is built on three principles. Firstly, a global outlook. Cuadro will select works based on their quality, rather than their regional delineations. Secondly, the gallery seeks to initiate a dialogue in art, regardless of reputation or provenance and will therefore always ensure the works of both established and emerging artists are displayed on its walls. Finally, Cuadro places a significant emphasis on the role of education. Al Shroogi believes that promoting art education will fuel the market and infuse it with energy. Already active in the art community, Al Shroogi has been working towards his vision for education, speaking at several local and international art lectures and conferences.

Cuadro's education initiative will be actualised in-house through its first lecture series, Learning to See that follows the opening of the gallery. This lecture series will be led by Bruce Helander, former Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs at the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design.

Following the opening ceremony, Cuadro also unveiled its inaugural exhibition, which features an impressive collection of works by celebrated international contemporary artists. The show is guest-curated by Helander. Helander and Al Shroogi collaborated over the past year to put together the exhibition.

For more information, please contact Cuadro Museum and Fine Art Gallery, Building 10, DIFC Gate Village. Telephone: 9714-425-0400.www.cuadroart.com.

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