His Excellency Dr Omar Bin Sulaiman to Open High-profile Contemporary Art Exhibition at the DIFC

The Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) is showcasing the shifting trends in contemporary art expression with 'One Voice’ - an exhibition that will bring together some of the world's leading figures in contemporary art. The exhibition, organised by the Cuadro Fine Art Gallery, will be opened by the Governor of the DIFC His Excellency Dr Omar Bin Sulaiman at the beginning of the DIFC Week on the 17th November, and will continue until 29th November.

Acclaimed artists from South Africa, The Netherlands, Spain, Italy the US and Middle East will be on display at the DIFC. The works are expected to be a cultural feast for art connoisseurs, who can revel in the artistic shifts in use of colour, brushstrokes and thematic interpretation.

Other highlights of the exhibition are works by regional artist Ahmed Baqer and a live sculpting session by renowned sculptor Marianne Houtkamp. Houtkamp, who is globally acclaimed for her provocative African sculptures, will unveil her first in a series of Middle Eastern sculptures. She has spent decades of research on traditional bronze casting and her works are marked by an intense appreciation of individual civilisations.

Participants at the exhibition include: collage and assemblage artists Tony Berlant and Bruce Helander (US); the late painter, sculptor and printmaker Italo Scanga (Italy/US); neo-expressionist Hunt Slonem (US); contemporary painter John Torreano (US), Chico Montilla, Goyo Dominguez, Alfredo Montaña, and Alfredo Roldán (Spain); ultra realist Craig Bone (South Africa); and naïve painter Elena Narkevich (Belarus).

Marwan Bin Beyat, Director of Art and Culture at the DIFC, said: "One Voice is an effort to present the highest quality of contemporary art and culture from around the world. It is a pledge to build cultural bridges between East and West. Many of the artists are exhibiting in Dubai for the first time, and they bring with them a refreshing and truly diverse collection of today’s best works."

Fatima Al Shroogi, Founder and Director of the Cuadro Fine Art Gallery, added: "Cuadro is dedicated to celebrating and promoting contemporary art from around the world. One Voice is an exhibition of the unique and inventive interpretations of visual harmony, as appreciated by the global art scene today. The exhibition will be a different experience for art lovers, collectors and critics – all of whom will get a unique glimpse into current trends in international contemporary art."

Cuadro is also a publishing house for scholarly books, catalogues and limited edition prints.  The 1000 sq meter space houses a lecture hall where visiting and resident artists will participate in Cuadro’s education programs that are aimed at people of all ages. The Cuadro Fine Art Gallery will open its new facilities at the DIFC Gate Village in early 2008.

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