New Gas Service Provider – Integrated Gas Services (Sergas Group)

In line with our ongoing efforts to provide a more secure and reliable service the DIFC has appointed Integrated Gas Services Co. LLC (Sergas Group) as the new gas service provider for the Centre.
Sergas will commence their services from 20 October, 2017 onwards, and there will be no change in gas consumption prices.
There will be no interruption in ongoing gas services during the transition of gas systems between service providers, which will take place between 18 September, 2017 and 19 October, 2017.
During this period, a team of engineers from Sergas and the incumbent service provider, Lootah BC Gas, will visit your premises for a joint inspection of the gas system on your premises, to ensure safety and operational standards are met.
Lootah BC Gas will take a final meter reading on 19 October, 2017 and deliver invoices for their services accordingly. Sergas will take an initial meter reading on the same day and then issue a new service contract starting 20 October, 2017.
You are requested to settle all invoices with Lootah BC Gas in accordance with your normal billing cycle, which will continue on a monthly basis.
Below is the list of requirements to execute the new contract:
a. Services Agreement (Gas Supply Contract)                           
b. Trade License
c. Credit Application Form
d. Refundable Security Deposit Collection
For any queries related to Sergas Group, please contact:
Ahmed Ibrahim Hassan – Contracts Officer
Tel: +971 6 503 6999
Mobile: +971 50 556 6028
E-mail: [email protected]
To contact the DIFC Property Management team for any clarification related to the transfer of gas services, please e-mail [email protected].

Thank you for your co-operation and we look forward to bringing you a continued high level of service.

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