UAE based FreightOn technology is looking to digitise the logistics industry and join the fight against COVID19

Dubai, UAE—As any new digital brokerages enter the industry both in the GCC and globally, carriers find themselves forced to download dozens of apps to keep track of what is available in the market.

FreightOn is approaching the challenge from a different angle, why not present one platform where brokers alike and carriers can collaborate and work together?

When surveying carriers and brokers in the UAE, 95% of the surveyed businesses indicated that they would prefer to work on one platform and download a single app. Not only will this improve the likelihood of moving shipments on time, but also minimize the time spent on finding that next shipment allowing all stakeholders to focus on business. This means more driving time for carriers and a better operation flow for brokers.

Mo Asady, CEO and co-founder of FreightOn, told us on April 20 “It was only a matter of time before some neutral entity decided to organize this highly segmented industry, we are not a digital broker and will never compete with brokers. Our aim is to become a one stop shop for all stakeholders in the industry to get business done”.

FreightOn, originally a US based company decided to tackle this challenge in the GCC after months of research. The company opened its regional office in the prestigious district of DIFC in Dubai.

Tareq Jarour, COO and co-founder expresses “When we decided to open our Dubai office, the DIFC was a natural choice because of the unique offering and ease of collaboration with the DIFC management team”. He also elaborated that Dubai has always encouraged digital solutions to everyday problems and the amount of support and attention FreightOn is experiencing from both governmental agencies and private institutions is above initial expectations.

FreightOn’s platform NAKLAT, is the first digital solution of its kind in the region. Allowing brokers to list their shipments on a digital load board with exposure to the entire carrier-base in the GCC. Carriers can then filter loads based on the their preference, location, trailer type amongst other criteria and bid on these shipments digitally without lifting the phone or engaging in lengthy WhatsApp conversations which are the current norm.

Not only will NAKLAT help carriers increase efficiency and spend more time driving and moving freight, but it will help brokers get a better idea of the current market rates and carrier availability in different regions.

Together with the special circumstances surrounding the launch of the platform, Mo Asady assured the logistics community that his company will do everything possible to help fight the spread of COVID-19 by offering the platform completely free of charge during the pandemic. “It is the least we can during this global hardship. We believe that free access to our platform will better impose social distancing measures amongst carriers who are still gathering at truck stops waiting for that next shipment. We encourage freight brokers to list all their shipments electronically so they can safely quote, compare and book shipments without leaving their seat.”

The platform is available online on the company’s website www.naklat.com. Brokers and carriers are welcome to register for free and continue to move shipments ensuring the flow of goods and essentials when we need them most.

UAE based FreightOn technology is looking to digitize the logistics industry and join the fight against COVID-19


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