Zabeel Investments and the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) Hosts Divine Presence Exhibition by HRH Princess Reem Al Faisal

During the Holy Month of Ramadan, HRH Princess Reem Al Faisal will showcase her exhibition, The Divine Presence, starting on 17th September. Held under the auspices of Zabeel Investments this first showing will take place at the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) and will remain open to the public until 7th October.

HRH Princess Reem Al Faisal is the granddaughter of Faisal bin Abdelaziz Al Saud, the late King of Saudi Arabia.  Her exhibition will showcase 50 magnificent hand printed photographs aimed at guiding onlookers into an inspirational, reflective and spiritual journey.  The inherent goal of this exhibition is to highlight Her Highness’ passion for Islam; as a female photographer who has travelled the world encountering people and nations.

HRH Princess Reem said, “I like to define myself as a Muslim artist, sprung from my native Saudi culture and history. In my art I am seeking to show signs of the Divine in ‘nature’ and in ‘man’. For me, light is one of the many manifestations of God, which He casts in our path through life to remind us of His constant presence in ourselves and in every place. Every photograph is a pattern of light and shade. For me, my photography is a way to praise God's glory in the universe.”

Prior to Dubai Divine Presence ran in New York, Paris, Berlin, Jeddah and Bahrain. 

Marwan J. Bin Beyat, Director, Art & Culture, Dubai International Financial Centre said, “HRH Princess Reem Al Faisal’s work is extremely inspirational and is an example of the calibre of art we hope to exhibit at DIFC.  This exhibition highlights Dubai’s growing significance as a cultural hub, and DIFC’s commitment to encouraging and providing a platform for art and artists from across the region”.

Zabeel Investments’ Corporate Communications Director Amina Taher, said, “As a diversified investment company, our business takes us beyond the traditional profit areas and we see investing in art and culture as an endowment on society, something which can be appreciated by everyone and a way of protecting our heritage, for future generations to enjoy..”

“In keeping with the spirit of Ramadan, we are sharing something unique which will allow visitors to reflect on the spirituality of life captured by Reem Al Faisal,” continued Taher.

This exhibition has been bought in by the Empty Quarter Gallery, owned by Elie Domit. The exhibition is being held in the main lobby of building five in the DIFC. 

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