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The Future of Financial Centres 


The white paper, “The Future of Financial Centres” has been launched by Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) in collaboration with the World Alliance of International Financial Centers (WAIFC) and Z/Yen.

The paper explores how financial centres are addressing the big questions facing society today and sharing a vision for 2030.


The white paper was developed following the Annual General Meeting of the WAIFC last year, where several senior representatives from financial centres worldwide gathered in Dubai to consider the role they play in supporting global economic growth, providing investment for businesses, individuals and infrastructure, and enabling trade.



Key Findings Include:


Financial centres are encouraging growth and sustainable finance by developing sustainability strategies, shaping regulation, developing new financial instruments and contributing to national policy developments.

A Vision for the Future

Financial centers are supporting a sustainable global future by managing increasingly complex technology, providing a regulatory and legal environment, and encouraging people to start their  businesses. 

The Digital Revolution

Financial centers are helping startups operate at low cost, supporting the development of digital ID and Know Your Customer systems, and backing initiatives  to widen access to financial services through mobile platforms.


Finanacial centers are fostering links between regulators and market participants to ensure that regulatory changes are understood, urging the development of international regulatory standards, providing regulators with commercial  insights and encouraging competition.

Human Capital Development

Financial centers are working on attracting, upskilling, retaining and reskilling talent by establishing tailored, developing networks that support local workforces and providing attractive  working environments.


about difc

DIFC is the leading global financial centre in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia (MEASA) region, which comprises 72 countries with an approximate population of 3 billion and a nominal GDP of US$ 7.7 trillion.

The Centre’s vision is to drive the future of finance. Today, it offers one of the region’s most comprehensive FinTech and venture capital environments, including cost-effective licensing solutions, fit-for-purpose regulation, innovative accelerator programmes, and funding for growth-stage start-ups.


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