The Registrar of Companies (ROC) is responsible for all matters related to incorporation and registration of companies based in DIFC, including both regulated and non-regulated companies. The ROC also administers DIFC's Companies Law and Regulations. The ROC staff advise new registrant companies and receive, review and process all applications submitted by prospective DIFC registrants seeking to establish a presence in DIFC in accordance with the Companies Law, the General Partnership Law, the Limited Liability Partnership Law, or the Limited Partnership Law.



While the core business conducted in DIFC revolves around regulated activities in banking and finance, the world's most successful financial industry ecosystems incorporate a much broader base of economic activity. These include regulated professional services companies operating in areas such as law and accountancy, but also many other non-regulated and Non-Financial businesses. Firms providing these Non-Financial goods and services perform two essential roles. First, they offer financial firms with the wide range of goods and service they need to operate efficiently and effectively. Examples include consultancy services in areas such as investor relations and human resources, or printing, courier and legal translation services.

Second, these Non-Financial goods and services businesses help create a leisure and lifestyle environment that today's finance professionals expect from leading international financial centres. Whether before, after or during work hours, these professionals access a wide range of goods and services that must be close at hand. Examples include personal services such as tailors, salons and fitness gyms; retail shops offering jewellery, electronics and apparel; and a wide range of restaurants and cafes, from quick casual to fine dining. Non-Financial activities also extend to specialised establishments such as hotels and academic institutions that further extend the breadth of opportunities on offer to professionals working at DIFC.


DIFC is committed to expanding both the variety and number of Non-Financial activities within the Centre, as part of its commitment to creating a world-class financial district. The RoC has developed this guide specifically for non-regulated, Non-Financial companies operating from DIFC or looking to operate from the Centre. By providing an easily accessible lists of business categories, business types and business activity descriptions, as drawn from the categories articulated in Federal Law No. 8 of 2004 concerning Financial Free Zone, the RoC seeks to clarify what types of business activities can operate as Non-Financial entities within DIFC. This will encourage continued growth in this sector and add to the dynamism of the broader DIFC ecosystem.


The non-financial activity guides are available to all entities and individuals, and their consultants and advisors, looking to establish operations in DIFC and are not subject to regulation by the Dubai Financial Services Authority.

The guides are also accessible to entities that are subject to the DIFC Companies Law and Partnerships Laws, or other relevant legislation. By providing specific descriptions of hundreds of recognised business activities, the various guides identify whether a proposed business activity can be registered and licensed in DIFC.

Guides to Non-Financial Activities in DIFC

Business Categories Guide 
Includes the broad categories of Non-Financial activities

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Non-Retail Activities Guide 
Includes recognised business types with specific descriptions for non-retail, Non-Financial activities

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Retail Activities Guide 
Includes recognised business types with specific descriptions for retails Non-Financial activities

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Official Liquidators

The Official Liquidators, approved by DIFC Registrar of Companies for regulated and non-regulated entities in the DIFC

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Recognised & Regulated Auditors

The list of Recognised & Regulated Auditors, approved by the DIFC Registrar of Companies for regulated and non-regulated entities in DIFC

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The following section contains registrar announcements, waiver and modification notices required for the registered entities in the DIFC

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Handbooks & Fees

The client handbook is a comprehensive guide of all the prerequisites and fees required to register an entity in the DIFC

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