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Company Overview

Status of registration:


Business activities:

Advising on Financial Products

Arranging Credit and Advising on Credit

Arranging Deals in Investments

Accepting Deposits

Arranging Custody

Dealing in Investments as Agent

Managing Assets

Providing Credit

Providing Custody

Providing Trust Services

Registered Number:


Registered offices:

Unit 9 Level 9, Gate Building, Dubai International Financial Centre, Dubai, 33660, United Arab Emirates

Company Information


Credit Suisse AG

Trading Name:

Credit Suisse AG (DIFC Branch)

Status of Registration:


Type of License:


DFSA License:


Legal Structure:

Recognised Company

Date of Incorporation :

04 01 2005

Commercial License Validity Date:

03 01 2022


Iris Bohnet

Michael Klein

Seraina Macia

Kai S. Nargolwala

Ana Paula Pessoa

Severin Schwan

Lars Christian Robert Gellerstad

Shan Li

Richard Henry Meddings

Company Secretary:

Andreas Werner Fehrenbach

Joan Elizabeth Belzer

Caroline Simone Mohrle Gloor

Roman Scharer

DNFBP: DIFC Designated Non-Financial Businesses and Professions


Financial Year End:

31st December

Data Protection

Data Protection Officer Appointed:


Data Protection Officer:

James Keenan, United Kingdom


Personal Data Processing Operations:


Transfer of Personal Data from the DIFC:


Processing of Special Categories of Personal Data:


Purpose for the Personal Data Processing:

Provision of Financial Services, Staff Administration, Compliance with Legal Obligations and Regulators Requests

Data Subjects or class of Data Subjects whose Personal Data is being processed:

Staff (Agents, Workers), Clients & Customer, Suppliers, Relatives and Associates, Advisors, Consultants, Prof. Experts, Counter-parties

Description of the Class of Personal Data being Processed:

personal details, family, social circumstances, employment details, financial details, photographs, race, religion, health, criminal data

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List of Jurisdictions to which Personal Data may be transferred:

France, Ireland, Netherlands, Poland, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Bahrain, Egypt, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, United States, Qatar, Lebanon, Turkey, India, Saudi Arabia

Former Properties

Company Secretary:

PIERRE SCHREIBER until 27 September 2020

BEATRICE FISCHER until 27 September 2020

Trade Name:

Credit Suisse AG


Urs Rohner until 09 September 2021

Andreas Gottschling until 09 September 2021

Alexander Gut until 24 September 2020

Andreas N. Koopmann until 24 September 2020

Joaquin J. Riberio until 09 September 2021

John Tiner until 09 September 2021

Alexandre Zeller until 24 September 2020

PETER F WEIBEL until 24 December 2019

NOREEN DOYLE until 24 December 2019

DAVID WERNER SYZ until 24 December 2019

WALTER B KEILHOLZ until 24 December 2019

AZIZ SYRIANI until 24 December 2019

ROBERT H BENMOSCHE until 24 December 2019

ERNST TANNER until 24 December 2019

RICHARD EDWARD THORNBURGH until 24 December 2019

JEAN LANIER until 24 December 2019

ANTON VAN ROSSUM until 24 December 2019

HANS-ULRICH DOERIG until 24 December 2019

PETER BRABECK-LETMATHE until 24 December 2019

THOMAS WALTER BECHTLER until 24 December 2019

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