Dun & Bradstreet South Asia Middle East Ltd.

Company Overview

Status of registration:


Business activities:

Compliance & Risk Management

Cost Control & Risk Management Services

Financial Analysis & Consultancy

Marketing Research & Consultancies

Data Classification & Analysis Services

Management Consultancies

IT Infrastructure

Information Technology Consultants

Technology Research & Development

Feasibility Studies Consultancies

Marketing Management

Registered Number:


Registered offices:

Unit 202 , Level 2, Liberty House, Dubai International Financial Centre, Dubai, 506511, United Arab Emirates

Company Information


Dun & Bradstreet South Asia Middle East Ltd.

Trading Name:

Dun & Bradstreet South Asia Middle East Ltd.

Status of Registration:


Type of License:

Non Regulated

Legal Structure:

Private Company

Date of Incorporation :

09 12 2014

Commercial License Validity Date:

08 12 2023




Misbah Uddin Ahmad


Dun & Bradstreet South Asia Middle East LTD

Company Secretary:

Bineet Ashok Khetan

DNFBP: DIFC Designated Non-Financial Businesses and Professions


Financial Year End:

31st March


Price WaterhouseCoopers Limited

Share Capital:

50000 issued shares of Class Ordinary with a nominal value of USD 1 per Share

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Data Protection

Data Protection Officer Appointed:



Personal Data Processing Operations:


Transfer of Personal Data from the DIFC:


Processing of Special Categories of Personal Data:


Purpose for the Personal Data Processing:

Accounting & Auditing, Consultancy & Advisory Services, Insurance Administration, Licensing & Registration, Pensions Administration, Research, Staff Administration

Data Subjects or class of Data Subjects whose Personal Data is being processed:

Staff (Agents, Workers), Clients & Customer, Suppliers, Members, Complainants, Correspondents, Enquirers, Relatives and Associates, Advisors, Consultants, Prof. Experts

Description of the Class of Personal Data being Processed:

A. Personal Data concerning employees will include: Name, Address, Job title, Contact details, Age, Gender, Date of Birth, Photograph, Nationality, Employee Securities Holdings, Emails, Dependents' Details, Bank Account Details, Salary, Executive order, Attendance records, Leave Entitlement & Record, Contractual Status, Fringe Benefits, Work related Insurances, Work related pensions, Travel & expense claims, Performance Appraisals, Training records, Disciplinary record. B. Personal Data concerning actual/ potential clients/ suppliers will include: Name, Employer, Business Activity, Job Title, Work Address, Work Telephone Number, Email Address

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List of Jurisdictions to which Personal Data may be transferred:

United Arab Emirates

Former Properties

Business activities:

Cost Control & Risk Management Services until 28 July 2015

Consultancy Services until 10 September 2019

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