LAP GreenN (Dubai) Limited

Business activities:

  • Holding Company

Status of Registration: Active

Registered Number: 1332

Registered offices:

Unit 206-209, Level 2, Gate Village, Building 8, Dubai International Financial Centre, Dubai, 506517, United Arab Emirates

Contact Details:

LAP GreenN (Dubai) Limited +9714 2375375

Company information

LAP GreenN (Dubai) Limited
Trading Name:
LAP GreenN (Dubai) Limited
Status of Registration:
Type of License:
Non Regulated
Type of Entity:
Company Limited By Shares
Date of Incorporation:
28 Jan 2013
Commercial License Validity Date:
27 Jan 2017
Mohamed Ali Ali Belrasali Karim Fikry David Spriggs
LAP GreenN
Company Secretary:
Capital Advantage Consultants
DNFBP: Designated Non-Financial Businesses and Professions
Class of Issued Shares:
Nominal Value of One Share:
USD 1.000000
Amount of Authorised Share Capital:
USD 50,000.00
Number of Issued Shares:
Amount of Paid Up Share Capital:
USD 50,000.00

data protection

Data Controller: LAP GreenN (Dubai) Limited
DIFC Registered Number:1332
Permits required by Data Controller:
  • Notification of Personal Data operations: No
  • Permit to transfer Personal Data: No
  • Permit to Process Sensitive Personal Data: No
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    WAFIK AL SHATERuntil 10 October 2016
    ABDULLA BOULSIEN (Resigned. In the process of reuntil 10 October 2016