Business activities:

Management Consultancies

Investment in Commercial Enterprises & Management

Status of registration:


Registered Number:


Registered offices:

Unit OFFICE-1503 , Level 15, Index Tower, Dubai International Financial Centre, Dubai, 507020, United Arab Emirates

Contact Details:

+971 43266656

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Company Information


Royal Vision Capital (DIFC) Limited

Trading Name:

Royal Vision Capital (DIFC) Limited

Status of Registration:


Type of License:

Non Regulated

Type of Entity:

Company Limited By Shares

Date of Incorporation:

16 Aug 2015

Commercial License Validity Date:

15 Aug 2019


Matjaz Zadravec

Stefan Frieb


Stefan Frieb

Matjaz Zadravec

Company Secretary:

Alpha Management Limited

DNFBP: DIFC Designated Non-Financial Businesses and Professions


Financial Year End:

31st December


Crowe MAK Limited

Class of Issued Shares


Nominal Value of One Share

USD 1.000000

Amount of Authorised Share Capital:

USD 500,000.00

Number of Issued Shares:


Amount of Paid Up Share Capital:

USD 50,000.00

Data Protection

Data Controller:

Royal Vision Capital (DIFC) Limited

DIFC Registered Number:


Permits required by Data Controller:

Notification of Personal Data operations:


Permit to transfer Personal Data:


Permit to Process Sensitive Personal Data:


Purpose of the Processing of Personal Data:

Accounting & Auditing, Administration of Membership Records, Advt, Mrkt & PR for Others, Staff Administration

Identity of the Data Subjects or class of Data Subjects whose Personal Data is being Processed:

Staff (Agents, Workers), Clients & Customer, Advisors, Consultants, Prof. Experts

Description of the class of Personal Data being Processed:

Personal details, family and social circumstances, employment and financial details and other information required to conduct business

Transfers of Personal Data:

Not Applicable

Former Properties

Company Secretary:

Shaukat Enver Murad until 16 April 2018

Trade Name:

Royal Vision Capital until 07 May 2018


Igor Vugrinec until 24 October 2016

Shareholders :

Royal Vision Holding Limited until 04 September 2016

Igor Vugrinec until 28 December 2016

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