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Business activities:

Qualifying Purpose of Crowdfunding Structure

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Registered offices:

Unit GA-00-SZ-L1-RT-208, Level 1, Gate Avenue - South Zone, Dubai International Financial Centre, Dubai, , United Arab Emirates

Company Information


SC 187 Holdings Limited

Trading Name:

SC 187 Holdings

Status of Registration:


Type of License:

Non Regulated

Legal Structure:

Private Company

Date of Incorporation :

10 01 2022

Commercial License Validity Date:

09 01 2024


Siddiq Farid

Musfique Ahmed


Abdul Hameed Arwani

Ahmad Al-Wadeyah

Ahmed Abuhelala

Ahmed Lashin

Alexander Osman

Ali Ali Abdulla Ali Altaboor Alnuaimi

Ambrose Muscat

Anwar Habib

Asmaa Adai

Craig Smart

Cyril Samin

Damiano Pietroni

David Dunn

Georgios Kouseras

Hamza Chaudhry

Haris Munif

Hussain Gadit

Irfan Haider Shah

Issam Oumouloud

Jithin Prakash

Michal Jakub Binder

Mohamed Mahmood Ahmed Alrayyes

Mohamed Alsebeyi

Mohammed Emran

Muath Alkhasawneh

Murtuza Dahodwala

Nasar Karim

Niranjan Acharya

Ruth Wachira

Salim Kaouche

Samuel Konstantinov Dimitrov

Sivakumar Iyer

Suvad Sahovic

Tarik Mustafic

Theunis Van De Merwe

Wissam Hasbani

Zubair Mohiuddin

Muchabaiwa Matambanadzo

Racquell Phipps

Majid Alhilali

Veronica Sherly D Mello

Mohammed Alazeezi

Rashmi Nigam

DNFBP: DIFC Designated Non-Financial Businesses and Professions

Not Applicable

Financial Year End:

31st December

Share Capital:

1000000 issued shares of Class A with a nominal value of USD 0.0001 per Share

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