Company Overview

Status of registration:


Business activities:

Holding Company

Registered Number:


Registered offices:

Unit S1802, Level 18, Emirates Financial Towers, Dubai International Financial Centre, Dubai, , United Arab Emirates

Company Information


Stellar VI Holding Ltd

Trading Name:

Stellar VI Holding Ltd

Status of Registration:


Type of License:

Non Regulated

Legal Structure:

Private Company

Date of Incorporation :

26 01 2022

Commercial License Validity Date:

25 01 2023


Hassan Karimi


KHK & Partners Limited

Razwaan Shahid Ahmed

Chidamber Boughram Srinivas

Karim Sarraf

Isabelle Gorius

Mickael Reignier

Nabil Ibrahim Khaled Nazer

Filippo Merli

Jean-Marc Delfarguiel

Stefan Savic

Rami Sheikh El Ard

Osama Mohammed A Alsabeg

Nasser Abdullah A Abosarhad

Stalwyn SPC


GoalVest Pre-IPO Growth Fund LP

DNFBP: DIFC Designated Non-Financial Businesses and Professions

Not Applicable

Financial Year End:

Share Capital:

10 issued shares of Class Class A Voting Shares with a nominal value of USD 1 per Share

0.000000 issued shares of Class Class B Participating Shares with a nominal value of USD 1 per Share

2032337.87 issued shares of Class Class C Participating Shares with a nominal value of USD 1 per Share

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Data Protection

Data Protection Officer Appointed:



Personal Data Processing Operations:


Transfer of Personal Data from the DIFC:


Processing of Special Categories of Personal Data:


Purpose for the Personal Data Processing:

Accounting & Auditing, Advt, Mrkt & PR for Others, Research

Data Subjects or class of Data Subjects whose Personal Data is being processed:

Clients & Customer, Members, Advisors, Consultants, Prof. Experts

Description of the Class of Personal Data being Processed:

Personal data, employment, financial details, family

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List of Jurisdictions to which Personal Data may be transferred:

France, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, United States

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