Swissquote MEA Ltd.

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Swissquote MEA Ltd.

Business activities:

  • Arranging Custody
  • Advising on Financial Products
  • Arranging Deals in Investments
  • Arranging Credit and Advising on Credit

Status of Registration: Active

Registered Number: 1228

Registered offices:

Unit -  Office 903  , Floor-9, Currency House - Tower 2, Dubai International Financial Centre, Dubai, 121364, United Arab Emirates

Contact Details:

Swissquote MEA Ltd. +9714 3810000

Company information

Swissquote MEA Ltd.
Trading Name:
Status of Registration:
Type of License:
DFSA License:
Type of Entity:
Company Limited By Shares
Date of Incorporation:
14 Jun 2012
Commercial License Validity Date:
13 Jun 2018
Paolo Buzzi Michael Ploog Markus Burki GILLES CHANTRIER Damian Hitchen
Swissquote Bank SA
Company Secretary:
DNFBP: Designated Non-Financial Businesses and Professions
Class of Issued Shares
Nominal Value of One Share
USD 1000.000000
Amount of Authorised Share Capital
USD 2,000,000.00
Number of Issued Shares
Amount of Paid Up Share Capital
USD 500,000.00

data protection

Data Controller: Swissquote MEA Ltd.
DIFC Registered Number:1228
Permits required by Data Controller:
  • Notification of Personal Data operations: Yes
  • Permit to transfer Personal Data: No
  • Permit to Process Sensitive Personal Data: No
  • Purpose of the Processing of Personal Data:
    Accounting & Auditing, Advt, Mrkt & PR for the DC Itself, Information & Data Bank Administration, Licensing & Registration, Provision of Financial Services, Research, Staff Administration
    Identity of the Data Subjects or class of Data Subjects whose Personal Data is being Processed:
    Staff (Agents, Workers), Clients & Customer, Complainants, Correspondents, Enquirers, Relatives and Associates, Advisors, Consultants, Prof. Experts
    Description of the class of Personal Data being Processed:
    personal details, employment details, and financial details family social circumstances email and chat conversation
    Transfers of Personal Data:
    Switzerland,United Arab Emirates

    Former Properties


    Swissquote Bank MEA Limited until 15 November 2015


    GILLES CHANTRIER until 25 March 2015
    MARIO ANTONIO CAMARA until 25 March 2015