Xqueezit, LLC

Business activities:

  • Health Food Trading
  • Coffee Shop
  • Sandwich Shop

Status of Registration: Active

Registered Number: 1018

Registered offices:

Unit 2  Lobby 2, Level-B1, Gate Precinct Building 2, Dubai International Financial Centre, Dubai, 9906, United Arab Emirates

Contact Details:

Xqueezit, LLC +97155 3121246

Company information

Xqueezit, LLC
Trading Name:
Status of Registration:
Type of License:
Non Regulated
Type of Entity:
Limited Liability Company
Date of Incorporation:
06 Feb 2011
Commercial License Validity Date:
05 Feb 2018
Stefan Vranckx Stefan Vranckx
DNFBP: Designated Non-Financial Businesses and Professions
Financial Year End:
May 12
UHY Saxena Chartered Accountants
Stefan Vranckx
Class of Membership Interest:
Nominal Value of one Membership Interest:
USD 5000.000000
Amount of Membership Interest:
USD 190,000.00
Number of Issued Membership Interest:
Amount of Paid Up Membership Interest:
USD 50,000.00

data protection

Data Controller: Xqueezit, LLC
DIFC Registered Number:1018
Permits required by Data Controller:
  • Notification of Personal Data operations: Yes
  • Permit to transfer Personal Data: No
  • Permit to Process Sensitive Personal Data: No
  • Purpose of the Processing of Personal Data:
    Staff Administration
    Identity of the Data Subjects or class of Data Subjects whose Personal Data is being Processed:
    Staff (Agents, Workers);Suppliers
    Description of the class of Personal Data being Processed:
    For employees, please see under D.1. For suppliers, only the necessary data for payment (address and other contact details), bank account number) will be used, for the sole purpose of paying for delivered goods.
    Transfers of Personal Data:
    Not Applicable

    Former Properties

    Business activities

    Juice & Soft Drinks Shopuntil 28 February 2016
    Cafeteriauntil 28 February 2016