Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) is the leading financial hub for the Middle East, Africa and South Asia, providing a world-class platform connecting the region’s markets with the economies of Europe, Asia and the Americas.

Including an independent regulator and judicial system, a global financial exchange, inspiring architecture, powerful, enabling support services and a vibrant business community. The infrastructure within the district features

ultra-modern office space, retail outlets, cafes and restaurants, art galleries, residential apartments, public green areas and hotels. Currently, more than 1,853 active registered companies operate from the Centre, with a combined workforce of 22,338 people.

A District, a Destination, DIFC

Individuals and companies seeking to set up in DIFC can look forward to an outstanding array of support facilities and incentives for growth and development. Working in a ‘city within a city’, businesses located in the

Centre can make the most of a dedicated ecosystem within a rapidly growing market situated on one of the crossroads of the globalised economy.

Setting Up

DIFC offers a centralised client-servicing model with a full range of services

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Areas of Business

The Centre covers a full spectrum of business requirements and activities

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DIFC has a transparent operating environment in accordance with globally-recognised best regulatory and legal practices

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Government Services

DIFC provides a one-stop source for various government services that may be required

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A world-class financial centre and mixed-use developments

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The financial district offers a dynamic community of art, culture and cuisine

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Experience our community

  • Art galleries

    Showcasing a diverse range of art and cultural exhibits, DIFC has established itself as one of Dubai’s most sought after art communities.

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    DIFC offers 40+ food and beverage outlets, diverse café options and casual restaurant and fine dining experiences.

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  • Retail & Convenience

    Designed to meet the lifestyle expectations of the Centre’s community, DIFC’s retail outlets offer a full spectrum of urban shopping experiences within a convenient open-air and air-conditioned retail space.

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  • Education

    DIFC has created a major hub for world-class executive education and training. The DIFC Centre of Excellence (CoE), has partnerships with business schools, professional development providers and corporate universities.

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  • Event Venues

    Surrounding the main gate, DIFC offers spectacular and expansive event spaces that can be modified to suit any occasion including major launch events, small receptions and various exhibitions.

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  • Government Services

    The Government Service Office was established to facilitate the support of the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs – Dubai (GDRFA) for clients registered with DIFC.

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  • conference facilities

    With its contemporary aesthetic sensibility, atmospheric ambience and state-of-the-art facilities, the DIFC Conference Centre offers a full spectrum of facilities needed to stage leading international events.

  • Centre Bodies

    The DIFC Centre Bodies is home to the Centre’s three independent bodies – DIFC Authority, DFSA and DRA – established to enable and support the growth and development of businesses.

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