Visa / Golden Visa.

Support with UAE visas.

DIFC provides assistance with visa applications and management through the DIFC Government Services Office.

The office is a single point service provider for businesses and residents in DIFC, offering a wide range of essential services.

The Government Service Office was established to extend the support of Federal Authority for Identity

and Citizenship-Dubai (GDRFA) to clients registered with DIFC. It has since become a one-stop-shop for a large number of visa-related services, such as employment visa services, visit visa services, dependent visa services, as well as non-DIFC sponsored employment services.

The DIFC Government Services office supports with applications, renewals, and management of several visa types, including employment visas, visit visas, and dependent visa. This is handled through the DIFC client portal.

UAE visa types

DIFC Government Services documents

  • Government Services Client Handbook and Fees – Employee Services
  • Government Services Client Handbook and Fees – Dependent Services
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