Registrars and Commissioners.

Supervising, Administering and Enforcing DIFC Laws and Regulations.

    Registrar of Companies

    The Registrar of Companies (ROC) is responsible for all matters related to the incorporation and registration of entities in DIFC. The ROC is established under Article 6 of the Operating Law DIFC Law No. 7 of 2018 (Operating Law) as a statutorily created "corporation sole". The Operating Law also sets out the functions and powers of the ROC.

    Registrar of Security

    The DIFC Security Law and Regulations are administered by the Registrar of Security. The DIFC Security Law and Regulations provide the Registrar with functions and powers to support any secured party that has entered into a security agreement with a debtor, and who wishes to perfect their security interest(s) accordingly or undertake other permitted filings, including the amendment of a security filing, terminating a security filing, and searching the security register.

    Registrar of Real Property

    The Registrar of Real Property is responsible for approving and registering all types of transactions related to real property in accordance with the laws and regulations of DIFC.

    Commissioner of Data Protection

    The DIFC Commissioner of Data Protection is responsible for supervision and enforcement of the Data Protection Law, DIFC Law No. 5 of 2020. The law prescribes rules and obligations regarding the collection, handling, and use of personal data as well as rights and remedies for individuals who may be impacted by such processing. It is designed to balance the legitimate needs of businesses and organizations to process personal information with upholding an individual’s right to privacy.

    Commissioner of Intellectual Property

    The Commissioner of Intellectual Property is responsible for administering the Intellectual Property Law. The Intellectual Property Law provides for the protection and enforcement of different intellectual property rights; patents, utility certificates, industrial designs and drawings, copyright, trademarks, trade names and trade secrets.