DIFC continues to drive action on global climate change.

DIFC’s sustainability initiatives look to sustain our environment, engage our community of professionals, and benefit those in need in the UAE and across the region.

A framework of four strategic pillars - social, environmental, governance, and government alignment - is in place to ensure diversity and relevance across all our sustainable activities.

The UAE and Dubai government have spearheaded a range of comprehensive sustainability programmes in the pursuit of a net zero future. With initiatives like the Dubai Clean Energy Strategy 2050, the UAE Net Zero 2050 strategic initiative, and the UAE Vision 2070, a clear emphasis is placed on renewable energy adoption, water conservation, waste management, and sustainable urban development.


Social pillar

Bringing together communities of individuals to collaborate on projects to benefit those in need.

Dubai Sustainable Finance Working Group

The Dubai Sustainable Finance Working Group (DSFWG) was launched in July 2019 to coordinate efforts to create the most sustainable financial hub in the region. The group is integrating environmental, social and governance best practice across Dubai’s finance sector.

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