DIFC Academy .

The region’s most successful executive learning environment.

For over a decade, the DIFC Academy has catered to the learning needs of the DIFC community by serving as a platform for top-ranked educational institutions to deliver professional development and higher education courses within DIFC. The Academy promotes educational excellence and human capital development within the

DIFC community through partnering with some of the world's most reputable institutions to offer a variety of programmes, ranging from short certificate workshops to multi-year graduate degree programmes across the fields of law, finance and management and future skills.


Knowledge-based economy

The Academy is the hub for comprehensive learning solutions, serving not only the DIFC community but also extending its reach beyond. Its primary focus lies in promoting educational excellence, empowering human capital development, and fostering a lasting impact.

Top talent

The Academy attracts the region's talented and brightest graduates, expanding DIFC's exceptional global talent pool.
DIFC Academy's commitment to excellence goes beyond simply imparting knowledge; the Academy believes in enabling personal and professional growth. By nurturing talent, honing skills, and embracing innovation, it lays the foundation for a brighter, more successful future.

Vibrant community

With more than 200 nationalities residing in Dubai, the city is among the most cosmopolitan, thriving and dynamic metropolises in the world. It is known for its diversity, innovation, and allure.

DIFC Academy Schools

School of Finance and Management

World-class financial education in the region's leading global financial centre.

School of Law

A comprehensive range of learning and development programmes tailored to legal professionals of diverse backgrounds and experience levels.

School of Future Skills

Renowned experts guiding through the latest technology trends and disruptions in the world of finance and banking.

DIFC Academy programmes