Handbooks & Fees

The Handbooks and Fees section on the DIFC (Dubai International Financial Centre) website serves as a comprehensive guide for businesses and professionals seeking clarity on regulatory frameworks and financial obligations within the center. This section is meticulously curated to provide access to detailed handbooks that outline the rules, regulations, and best practices pertinent to operating within the DIFC jurisdiction. These handbooks cover a wide range of topics, including legal guidelines, compliance requirements, and industry-specific standards. Additionally, the section provides transparent information on the fees associated with various services and licenses offered by the DIFC. By offering these resources online, the DIFC website aims to empower businesses with knowledge, enabling them to make informed decisions, adhere to regulations, and manage their financial commitments effectively within the DIFC ecosystem.

  • Setting up an Entity
  • Non-Financial and Retail Checklists
  • Financial Checklists
  • Trusts
  • Others