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Family businesses are highly significant in fueling economic growth. Across the world, families are experiencing the greatest transfer of wealth between generations. The Middle East, Africa, and South Asia (MEASA) region remains among the top three global regions for private wealth growth.

Global family businesses need support to overcome several challenges ranging from digitalization, cultural issues, governance, and succession planning.

To help family businesses and ultra-high net worth individuals (UHNWIs) succeed, we have established the DIFC Family Wealth Centre (DFWC). The DFWC is committed to building on the DIFC's reputation in order to better serve families in business. New "Family Arrangements Regulations", combined with an innovative set of solutions, aim to preserve and grow family businesses as well as family wealth, in line with the UAE's initiative to support family businesses and Ultra High Net Worth Individuals (UHNW).


Key Services


The DFWC provides best-in-class, unique, and tailored services to family businesses and UHNWIs, guiding them on their journey to achieve multi-generational success, through a network of accredited service providers.

Certification and Accreditation of Family Business and Professional Advisors *

  • Family businesses may decide to be certified by the DIFC Family Wealth Centre. The DFWC will then rate the family business, depending on how structured they are in terms of family business governance, family succession planning, and global impact. To learn more, kindly click here
  • Professional Advisors may choose to apply for accreditation with the DFWC. Once they are accepted, they will be included in the DFWC’s list of accredited advisors. The family businesses in the DFWC’s ecosystem may select from this list of accredited advisors if they wish to do so. To learn more, kindly click here
* Accreditation and certification may provide incentives and benefits to both family businesses and professional advisors.

Education and Awareness

  • Bespoke executive programs and short courses for stakeholders
  • Regular workshops and discussion forums on topics of interest
  • Access to mentoring and coaching
  • Insights and research on family business and family wealth topics

High level networking

(For family businesses & qualified professional advisors)

  • Opportunity to network with members of the DIFC Family Wealth Centre’s ecosystem
  • Access to DIFC Global Family Offices Club and benefit from Concierge Services
  • Access to exclusive events and discussion forums

Advisory and Support on Alternative Dispute Resolution

  • A highly specialized advisory service for global family businesses
  • Facilitation of dispute resolutions for family businesses thanks to a memorandum of understanding signed with the Dubai Courts.
  • A rich ecosystem: the DFWC’s ecosystem hosts local, regional, and international experts in family business law and family succession planning. Members of the DFWC will also appreciate the unique cross-cultural know-how that distinguishes Dubai from other global hubs.


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Family Registration Certification and Accreditation Requirements


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