DIFC Ecosystem.

Supporting business growth with funding, expertise, and education.

Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) offers more than just a world-class, thriving, and stable business environment. It provides a supportive ecosystem designed to assist businesses in starting up, growing and achieving success.

At the forefront of innovation, the DIFC Innovation Hub stands as the leading innovation ecosystem in the region. The Innovation Hub comprises more than 600 innovation and tech firms, including growth-stage tech firms, established innovation companies, digital labs, venture capital firms, regulators, and educational entities.

The Innovation Hub offers a range of support services for businesses. It provides access to funding from the largest cluster of venture capitalists, family offices, and institutional capital in the region. Moreover, if offers accelerator programmes to tech firms to assist their growth and development.

To further enhance knowledge and skills, the DIFC Academy plays a crucial role. Through various 

programmes and business education, the Academy empowers individuals by equipping them with essential skills for the future. Additionally, through its law school, the Academy aspires legal professionals to gain expertise in the field.

The comprehensive support systems not only benefit the businesses within DIFC but also contribute to the wider growth in Dubai and the UAE, which is an integral part of the roadmap of HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s vision for innovation-driven growth.

Recognising the global significance of family businesses and ultra-high net worth individuals, DIFC established the DIFC Family Wealth Centre (DFWC). The DFWC provides best-in-class, unique, and tailored services to family businesses and UHNWIs, guiding them on their journey to achieve multi-generational success, through a network of accredited advisers. 

DIFC offers the largest innovation community in the region, supporting companies and generating new economic value.
DIFC Academy
The Academy is the region’s most successful executive learning environment. Training is offered for undergraduates, postgraduates, and executives.
The centre provides best-in-class, tailored services to family businesses and UHNWIs – helping them overcome challenges and manage wealth and assets.