Venture Capital.

Setting up in the leading regional innovation hub.

DIFC provides the perfect environment for venture capitalists to establish a presence in Dubai and invest in cutting-edge technologies and businesses.

Dubai is home to one-third of all Middle East and North Africa investors, with tech investments proving the most popular avenue.

All firms in DIFC benefit from a world-class legal and regulatory framework, based on English common law. Venture capital firms benefit too from a number of support mechanisms.

DIFC Innovation Hub is the region’s leading innovation ecosystem. It brings together more than 600 growth-stage tech firms, established innovation companies, digital labs, venture capital firms, regulators, and educational entities.

Investors can also access the AED 1bn Dubai Future District Fund. Established in 2020, this aims to attract top global and regional capital to accelerate the digitization of the region’s economies.

DIFC is the region’s top ecosystem for venture capital firms. It is simple and fast to establish a venture capital firm in the Centre, with a straightforward setup process and several operating benefits.

Zero regulatory capital is required to establish a venture capital firm. There are reductions available too on licence fees, regulatory fees, and visas.

3 easy steps to start setting up your business

Handbooks and documents

  • Setting up a non-financial entity handbook
  • Non-financial checklist – limited liability partnership
  • Non-financial checklist – private company
  • Registrar of Companies – Table of fees
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